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Cremation – Dallas TX, Fort Worth Service Area

Frequently asked Questions about Cremations

Q: When a loved one dies, am I required to use the services of a traditional funeral home in Dallas TX or Forth Worth?
Dallas, TX

A: No. You have a choice when it comes to final arrangements. Our direct cremation service lets you forgo the time and expense of traditional funeral home services (embalming, casket, funeral director services, etc.) and choose only the options you desire. Cremation service provides families with more choices is how to celebrate the deceased ones life.

Q: Is an urn purchase necessary?
Fort Worth, TX

A: The temporary urn that your loved one’s cremated remains are returned to you in is very suitable for certain types of final disposition. If the family has decided to scatter the remains or have them placed in a cemetery, there’s no need the extra expense of an urn purchase. If the family decides to have a memorial service, then an urn would be proper if the cremated remains are taken to the church.

Q: Can I have my own memorial service?
Arlington, TX

A: Absolutely. An increasingly popular option for families who choose cremations is to coordinate a memorial service with their church. The law does not mandate funeral home staff be present at memorial services. this can be a very cost conscious choice for families.

Q: Can I pre-pay for a cremation before my loved one dies?
Plano, TX

A: Due to state law, we are unable to accept prepayment for cremation services. Our services can only be funded once a death has occurred. Families interested in advanced payment of cremation services must contact a funeral home. However, many families “pre-plan” for cremation service in advance as they discuss their loved ones final arrangements. And, with the low costs of cremations it relieves the financial hardship on those who are survived by the deceased.

Q: How long does the cremation process take?
Garland, TX

A: In most cases, you should have your loved one returned to you in about 10-12 days. Registered Mail is the safest and most secure way to return your loved one’s cremated remains.

Q: How do I put a death notice in the paper? Is it expensive?
Irving, TX

A: Newspaper notices can get expensive. Most papers will charge by the length of the text you ask to be run, or with/without a photo. Our OBITUARY TEMPLATE will take a family step by step through the process of writing their own notice to submit to the newspaper of choice – although, with Social Media and church friends, sometimes families feel the added expense of a newspaper notice may not be necessary.

Q: Where do I get Death Certificates from?
Grand Prairie, TX

A: We will generate the Death Certificates and send to the state electronically for certified copies to be returned to you. In most cases, the death certificates and cremated remains will be returned to you at the same time.

Q: What if my loved one is a Veteran?
McKinney, TX

A: A Military Discharge form DD214 is necessary in determining your loved one’s eligibility for any military benefits, or to include interment at any National Cemetery. The process is very simple for families to coordinate by calling the National Cemetery at 214-467-3374. Eligible Veterans may also entitled to a U.S. Burial Flag.

Q: What if My loved one was taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office?
Mesquite, TX

A: In certain circumstances when a death is accidental or unattended (without a Doctor’s care, or outside of a hospital or nursing facility), the medical examiner of the jurisdiction of death may deem necessary a more detailed look into cause or manner of death. Our experienced staff is quite familiar in dealing with the Medical Examiner’s Offices. A Release form will be necessary for your loved one to be taken in to our care.