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Cremation Services with Care

Choosing our service over the high cost of a traditional funeral is a deeply personal decision. Direct cremation service is becoming more and more normative in our society for many practical and personal reasons because it just makes sense. It relieves families from the financial burdens of traditional funeral homes in the Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX area. The NFDA projects less than 30% of families will choose typical funeral services over cremation services in the near future.

This isn’t just because cremation service costs less, often saving families anywhere from $9,000.00 to $15,000.00 in funeral arrangements. Our cremation service offers choices in how the deceased’s family and friends can memorialize their loved one. This is one reason why so many are pre-planning with us ahead of time. Depending on what they decide to do with their cremains, many will even pick their decorative Urns ahead of time, while others will leave the choice of selecting from our Urns based on the family members individual taste. As cremation providers, we provide you with the service and dignity you deserve.

cremation costsOthers will elect to go with our simple package ($795.00) that comes with a temporary Urn if they decide to scatter the cremains at a place of memory, out at sea or an area that meets the deceased one’s last wishes. It’s common for some people to retain a small amount of their loved one’s cremains in a smaller decorative urn to keep in their possession. This provides comfort for times of mourning and remembrance. The options are endless in what to do with your beloved ones remains.

Is it time for you to make final arrangements now? If so, you need someone with a strong shoulder and a heart of compassion and caring. This is where our cremation services are set apart from the rest. With one phone call, you will receive everything you would expect from a professional cremation provider. It is our honor to serve communities in the Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX Metroplex. We are here to meet your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with caring cremation services that fit your needs.

If you are in need of a professional cremation provider we are here to care for you with dignity and respect. Our family is here to help your family with professional service in your time of need.