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Cremation Service – Fort Worth, Dallas TX regions

Currently, 50% of Americans select cremation for their final disposition over a traditional funeral offered by funeral homes. Statistics from the National Funeral Directors Association project over 70% of Americans will elect cremation service over a typical burial for their loved ones in the coming years. With over twenty years of caring cremations experience, we have been guiding families in the Fort Worth, Dallas, TX area with their adorned ones final wishes through our cremation service.

Would you like us to help you understand how our cremation service can reduce your stress during your time of loss, provide you with dignity, and tremendously reduce financial burdens on the family?

Our family owned cremation service can quickly and easily guide you through every step of our caring direct cremation service process. We provide you with the assistance you need from your initial phone call, to ensuring your beloved one is gently transported to our crematory, to the point where their ashes are in your possession. Areas we serve include the entire Fort Worth, Dallas,TX Metroplex.

Why is direct cremation service increasingly becoming the decision of choice instead of traditional end-of-life arrangements provided by typical funeral homes? Not only is cost a factor, another factor is the flexibility it gives those who have survived the deceased. Because reducing both emotional and financial stress is important in your hour of need.

Cremation Service – Affordable Dignity

People from all walks of life choose cremations for their final arrangements. More and more folks are pre-planning by selecting cremation services over traditional burial. In doing so, it relieves their friends and family from the financial burden of a typical funeral while leaving options open in how to celebrate a life lived.

When considering cost, there is something important to understand. Cremation is neither an option to, or denial of a regular funeral service. Instead, cremation is simply a form of bodily disposition that families can choose. Being cremated simply speeds the process of what the body does naturally after death.

With traditional burial there are high costs involved that direct cremations doesn’t require, making the choice for one to be cremated much less costly. Things such as vaults, caskets, embalming of the deceased, excessive undertaker costs, a burial plot, and headstone, etc.

In both the Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX areas the cost of a funeral can be $12,000 upwards, depending on the cost of grave sight and other arrangements. However, our cremation costs in the Fort Worth and Dallas, TX areas range from just $795.00 to $995.00. The difference being your choice of a temporary Urn or a decorative Urn in our cremation packages.

This is one of the reasons so many prefer dignified cremation for end-of-life care. It allows for celebrating the memories of your loved one without the financial burden being placed on those who still remain. All the while leaving you the options in how to pay your final respects.

Cremations Flexible Options

Once you receive their cremated remains from our state-of-the-art crematory, your family and friends aren’t under any immediate time constraints in choosing how to remember the deceased. A typical burial can put a lot of stress on friends and family due to the immediate need a typical funeral requires for them to gather all at the same day. A burial needs to happen fast, meaning loved ones and friends have precious little time to make preparations and plan for their final goodbyes. This is especially troublesome as our society is transient and many have to come from out of town or state.

In using our simple on-line cremation service it gives you occasion to pause and make decisions that are very personal and important to you. This is significant as it reduces your stress in your hour of loss. Choosing cremation isn’t only practical and dignified, it also helps in the healing process due to the options cremation offers, relieving the stress of last minute decisions.

After the cremation, and receiving the cremated remains from our crematory, what are some typical options?

  • For those who wish to hold a more formal ceremony similar to a traditional funeral, cremation allows friends and the rest of kin to schedule a day that is convenient for everyone. This can be done months later, if need be. This permits the gathering of those who will have to travel long distances without adding emotional or financial burdens for those who wish to give their final goodbye.

Other families who pick cremation prefer smaller, more intimate settings. This is usually done at a place of worship, or private residence.

No matter what size the memorial, the cremated remains of the deceased can be kept in a decorative Urn. Many families opt to purchase additional Urns so the cremated remains can be divided among family members.

  • Some choose to bury the cremated remains of their loved one in a previously chosen grave sight.
  • Others may choose to simply hold the memory of their loved in a decorative Urn with no memorial service at all. With direct cremation no formality is required.
  • It is very common for people to scatter all or some of the remains at sea, or somewhere memorable as a way to celebrate the life of their loved one.

No matter what options you choose in the cremation of your loved one, most people will retain a portion of the cremains in some type of cremation urns or decorative vessel. With cremation the possibilities of what you do with your beloved are seemingly endless. Deciding on cremation truly gives you options.

While grave sites are a place to visit during times of mourning, cremation allows you the same outlet to express your grief wherever you have some cremains in your possession. Many people will place flowers or other memorabilia next to their beloved ones cremains during times of mourning. This is especially helpful to one’s emotions as we live in such a transient society where visiting a grave site is not always possible.

Both our cremation service and crematory are family owned and operated in the Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX Metroplex. In your deepest occasion of need, we would be honored to serve you because “Caring in your time of need” can make all the difference.