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Cremation Planning

Planning a loved ones final arrangements can be challenging. We want to help you with your cremation planning with dignity and care. With our services, your family can have access to affordable, dignified cremation services. We have been helping families in the Dallas, TX and Fort Worth area for over twenty years.

You can pre-register for cremation and complete much of the required paperwork before your loved one passes on.
Cremation planning done ahead of time will help take away some of your burden when the time comes.  Filling in these pre-registration forms now will save you stress later.

Documentation for cremation planning

Many of the legal documents for our cremation services can be obtained prior to death, then submitted once your loved one passes on.

Cremation Authorization Form *
* This form is required.
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US Flag for Burial Purposes
This form is only necessary if your loved one was a member of the military and might be eligible for a US burial flag. Read instructions on page two of the form for submission options.
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Military Discharge form DD214
This form is only necessary if your loved one was a member of the military and you need the records to access military benefits. Form will be filed on-line.
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Death Certificate

The following information is needed by the state of Texas to issue a Death Certificate. Gathering this information before your loved one passes can help in the timeliness of filing with the state.

  • Name of Decedent
  • Age at time of death
  • Decedent’s Address
    Street, Town, State, Zip, County
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Decedent’s Birthplace
    City and State; or Country if outside USA
  • Decedent’s Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Gender (as listed on birth certificate)
  • Race-Ethnicity
  • Father’s Full Name & Birthplace
  • Mother’s Full Maiden Name & Birthplace
  • Marital Status
  • Surviving Spouse Name
  • Date and Place of Marriage
  • Employment Status
  • Usual Occupation
  • Kind of Business/Industry
  • Military Service?
  • Branch of Service
    Service Dates
    Service Number